EmojiBot for Manychat is a collection of 300+ Dialogflow intents that can allow your Manychat bot to respond to over 1,500 different Emojis.

Chatbot builders all know that users like to send emojis to bots, but with thousands of emojis available, how does one train a bot to respond to all of them?

That’s where EmojiBot comes to the rescue!

This cheatsheet is for Chatfuel and Dialogflow users who want to use Custom Payload to send rich messages.

These payloads are adapted from Chatfuel’s JSON API documentation and can be used with Janis.ai or other self-hosted scripts. The code snippets can also be found on Github.

Sample Payloads

Redirect to Block

This is my favourite Custom Payload to use. This redirects the user to an existing Chatfuel block.

If you manage multiple bots, keep the name of the Chatfuel block consistent for commonly used intents (e.g. “Hi”, “Bye”, “Stop”, “Unsubscribe”, “Help”). This allows you to reuse the Dialogflow intents across multiple Chatfuel bots.


A fun and slightly silly tutorial on how to use Dialogflow and Giphy to extract keywords from utterances and respond to anything your user asks your bot to do.

What if your bot could do ANYTHING? Wouldn’t your friends be impressed?

What if a user said, “can you dance” and your bot could dance?

(This is a the third tutorial in a four-part series on using Context with Knock Knock jokes. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Some users are smarty pants. They may attempt to ruin your punchline by delivering it before you do.

Here’s an example.

(This is the final series of a four-part tutorial on how to use context with Dialogflow to build Knock Knock jokes. Links to all four parts can be found at the bottom of the article)

So far, we’ve been learning about how to train your chatbot to deliver knock knock jokes.

But what if a user turns around and says “knock knock” to your bot?

(This is Part 2 of a four-part series on how to use Context with Knock Knock jokes. You can find Part 1 here.)

In Part 1, I demonstrated how you can use Context in Dialogflow to build a simple Knock Knock joke. In Part 2, I will show you how to handle unexpected responses using contextual fallback.

What to do when users refuse to use your buttons or quick replies.

You’ve laboured for hours and you’ve finally designed the perfect chatbot. You’ve even hooked your bot up with Dialogflow for natural language processing skills. Your conversational flow is smooth but witty, occasionally broken up with quick replies to keep the user engaged. It’s all looking sweet.

Except for one problem.

(FREE: Download the Dialogflow agent to play with — link at the bottom of article. This is Part 1 of a four-part tutorial series on how to use context with Dialogflow.)

If you’ve been wondering how to use Context, here’s a fun and easy way to learn how to use them in your chatbot — by building Knock Knock jokes!

We all know what knock knock jokes are — they’re silly, cheesy but they never get old.

The Singapore Sailing Federation recently used “Sammy”, it’s Facebook messenger chatbot to run a 10-day, 60 question quiz to educate the public on Sailing at the Asian Games. You can try the quiz here.

This is how we did it (along with instructions on how you can too).

Tools used: Chatfuel (free tier with Chatfuel branding), Janis (free tier), Dialogflow (free), Integromat (free tier), Google Sheets (free)

Here are 14 steps you need to create a free Quiz Bot with Leaderboard

  1. Design quiz questions
  2. Set up score attributes
  3. Use Gifs to spice up the quiz
  4. Use Integromat to send scores to Google Sheets via a webhook
  5. Set up a new Integromat scenario
  6. Use the…

If you were using SocialBlade.com to track your Instagram growth, you must have been devastated when Instagram depreciated their old API overnight, preventing third party providers like SocialBlade from tracking your follower and following growth.

Fret no longer. Here is a simple solution to build your own Social Blade on Google Sheets, with a Google Sheet template you can copy.

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